Review of your Data Culture

Are you using the best technology for this project? Do you have the best architecture? We provide an assessment report of your existing or upcoming data platform or data model. This typically involves an in-depth study of your tools, data models, and workload.

Lakehouse Implementation

The Lakehouse architecture is the combination of the best from a data warehouse and a data lake. It allows streaming and batch jobs to coexist. It supports ML and AI workloads. With infinite scale. We help define and implement your Lakehouse architecture.

Report Optimization

We analyze your jobs and data models, and track down any bottlenecks. We provide suggestions on how to modify the code to achieve optimal performance.

AI Enablement

We can help you select the right first project, understand what you need to be able to deliver an accurate working model and then how to deploy and manage that model in production. We build production Machine Learning models.

Let’s work together.